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Bill Berends
Music Producer & Recording Engineer

Lakeside Recording / Trademark Music / since 1986

a.k.a. Mastermind guitarist Bill Berends private studio.

High quality digital studio recording at affordable rates. Cubase SX, MOTU 24bit interface, 3Ghz PC. 20 years Cubase experience (since version 1.0) and 35+ years of pro audio experience in a variety of studios, live FOH mixing from clubs to stadiums, and location recording. Also FM broadcast (FCC licensed). I know my craft.

Large comfortable live room for full band recording. Specializing in rock, metal, & singer/songwriters. Also jazz, classical, film and commercial sound tracks. Full production services include tracking, mixing, digital mastering, post production and MIDI programming. Also video and photo editing, album cover layout and design. One stop shopping for all your musical needs.

Weekend block rates. Also available to work in your studio and FOH live sound mixing. Will travel for day rates plus expenses.   Send email for more info.

8-track and 2-track analog tape recording available on special request. Additional fees will apply. Also analog to digital transfers and tape baking at reasonable rates.

When choosing a studio use your ears, not your eyes.

clients & projects:

    Finished tracking & mixing a new 6 song EP for south Jersey punk rockers First Step to Failure.

    Tracking 2nd Chris Colletti Starter Planet album.

    Teen rockers Final Warning back for another 4 song EP. Here's a sample on Facebook.

    Days Before Tomorrow band with Jason Gianni cut drums on new tunes for Inside Out Music.

    Extended guitar improv for Jay Tausig & Ed Unitsky's Trip Around the Sun project "Aries"

    Mixing and lead guitar for Krype Malisque

    New Starter Planet album with Chris Colletti

    The Philadelphia German Brass Band new full length CD. 16 piece horn band with drums.

    Teenage rockers Final Warning recently completed their debut 13 song album.

    Final touches & mixing my instrumental guitar solo album with Jason Gianni on drums.

    Mastermind (8th studio album in progress)

    Michael West
    Black Cherry Band
    There Will Be Blood
    Shades of Gray
    Schwubby Buzzer
    Final Warning
    Chris Colletti
    Bad Logic
    Fell Far Behind
    Tribal Scream
    Anton Roolart
    Mirror Theory
    Lip Splinter
    Anthony Renzulli
    Jekyll's Hyde
    First Step to Failure
    Dollhaus Puppet
    Lisa Bouchelle
    Joe Vadala
    Silent Witness
    Mortal Decay (3 full albums)
    Glenn Evans / Nuclear Assault
    John Connelly / Nuclear Assault
    Anthony Bramante / Nuclear Assault
    SOD / Speak English or Die (mixes)
    Wendy O / Kommander of Kaos
    Harter Attack
    Jeff Darr (Automatic Black)
    Dave Tickel / Pipeline
    Human Spiderz
    Solid Ground
    Dan Bell's Creed
    Circle of Fear
    Sic Vikki
    Vicious Circle
    Michael West
    Black September
    Vick LeCar
    One Day
    Gypsy Rose
    Chris Day
    Bob Aslanian (Bobby Lane)
    Rudy & the Eastern Lights
    Lenny Fennessy
    The Fugitives
    Pale Horse
    3 Mile Buzz
    Trial By Era
    Deadly Blessing
    Gardeners & Gravediggers
    Johnny Guitar
    Daryl Chayse
    Sgt. Slaughter
    Wicked Cricket
    Balkan Apollos
    Day Job Dudes
    Skin Rita
    Southern Cross
    Old Dogs Blues Band
    Private Joy
    Billy Gram
    Dan Dailey
    Roadside Attraction
    Day Eight
    Ill Rendition
    Kemical Agent
    so many more I forget...


    Cambridge Sound Studio
    Kajem / Victory Recording (staff engineer)
    Broccoli Rabe Recording (staff engineer)
    Philadelphia Digital Sound (staff engineer)
    Unisound Recording Studio
    Wide Range Sound
    Epsilon Recording
    Waterfront Sound
    The Warehouse
    Secret Sound
    Studio 4


    Chris Lord-Alge
    Steve Plunkett
    Lance Quinn
    John Hodian

live sound:

    The Showplace
    Max's Kansas City
    Blackfoot (tour FOH)
    Cheech & Chong
    Chuck Berry
    Jack Bruce
    Link Wray
    John Cale
    The Cramps
    The Dead Boys
    and about a million others.....

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Over 35 years of mixing & recording experience.

photos from misc band sessions

South Jersey's best recordings were made here. email for more info.