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Super Annoying

Sometimes at night I listen to the radio (yes, actual broadcast radio) as I putz about the internets or make dinner or something. Nights with Alice Copper to be exact, on 107.5 FM (“The Hawk”… when did radio stations get names? It’s retarded). Alice generally runs a great program, is really funny, and plays some pretty good stuff quite often. A lot of Cream, ELP, Yardbirds, even Graham Bond (!). Then of course a lot of other classic rock (and 80’s pop-metal like Scorpions or Quiet Riot), some good, some not so good.

Tonight two things really stood out to me as being *SUPER* annoying… [COMMENT DELETED SO AS NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE]… they aren’t cute or sexy or ANYTHING, so why, WHY? Why do I even know who they are? Obviously I just don’t get what the public is hearing. Super annoying.

The next even MORE super-duper ULTRA annoying thing to come up… so annoying I ended up turning the radio OFF, was the most irritating rendition of [FAMOUS SONG] I have ever had the misfortune of being exposed to… by guess who? [NAME DELETED SO AS NOT TO OFFEND ANYONE]… This was so utterly repulsive I had to sit in silence for like 30 min’s to clear my head, like seeing a horrible accident or something.

Sometimes I can’t imagine what people think they’re hearing in music or why they like stuff, but clearly the public and I are not always in agreement. Sorry if I offend your ego, taste, whatever, I know tons of people love [BLEEP] – why I will never know – as far as I am concerned he gives blues a bad name because it isn’t blues at all, just acting. And bad acting at that. It boggles my mind why people worship this [guy].

Anway, ahhh…. I am appreciating total silence at the moment. Noise that masquerades as music can be very dangerous to your well being!! Mine anyway.