Testing 123

I don’t know why I made this blog other than the fact that I could… that, and to test the capabilities and speed of Dreamhost. I may transfer the Mastermind web site over here if I think it’s faster and sufficiently reliable. Perhaps I will make it my main blog at some point, but for now I think I’ll stick with posting on my blogspot page as accessing it seems to be quite a bit faster…


Not that I have a lot to say right now… not until I get some new music out anyway. There’s plenty of new stuff recorded alright too, but getting it released properly seems to have become something of a challenge. Not sounding like everyone else doesn’t seem to be what people (labels) want. Oh well. I gotta be me.

You know, I’m not of the generation that puts every little detail of my life online (tho’ I have been known to rant a little bit), so it’s kind of funny that I have so many places to do it. Who knows, perhaps this will become my secret blog where I post my plans to conquer the world. Or a little piece of it anyway.

So, if you are reading this, welcome to my new little project. Maybe stop back from time to time to see what develops. You never know… anything is possible.


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