A brief update from the Berends music camp, a couple of things happening in December.

First up: Bill Berends new solo album "In My Dreams I Can Fly"... discs should be delivered this Friday, Dec. 7th!! Woohoo!! Spending the weekend prepping packages to get out in the mail early next week, with some luck those who have pre-ordered will be getting the CD by the end of next week!! Downloads should also available over the weekend, so watch you email for that information.

For those who haven't ordered yet, the official release date is December 18th, 2012. Once I get all the Kickstarter and PayPal pledges and pre-orders out to my backers, I will set up a page on my web site to start taking regular orders.

Speaking of release dates... December 18th, 2012 is also Bill's birthday! So we're throwing a BIRTHDAY and CD RELEASE Party on 12/18 at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA and would love if those of you in the local area could attend! Since it is a Tuesday, things will start earlier than our usual weekend type gig. Stop by my schedule page for more details, I may send out a brief reminder in a couple weeks with a quick pre-holiday update.

Upcoming Live shows:

Both Bill & Rich Berends have some cool gigs this coming weekend. On Friday, Dec. 7th, Bill is playing Mahavishnu with "Treasures of the Spirit", and on Sat. Dec. 8th, Rich is playing balls to the wall power metal with "Frost Giant", a local epic power metal band. Both shows should be highly entertaining! More info can be found on the Facebook even pages, here...

Fri. Dec. 7th: Treasures of the Spirit @10pm w/ Bill Berends @ Ortleibs - 847 North 3rd Street, Phila
Facebook event page:

Sat. Dec. 8th: Frost Giant @10pm w/ Rich Berends @ Studio 98 - 9859 Bustleton Ave. Phila
Facebook event page:

That's pretty much it for the moment.. Bill's new CD is almost here, some cool side gigs on the weekend, then Bill Berends' BIRTHDAY and CD RELEASE Party on the 18th.. I hope to see you there!! Once we get thru the holiday season it's back to work on new recordings and working up a new live show for 2013. Stay tuned for details!!

Best holiday wishes!!

Bill Berends