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Gibson guitar + Marshall amp = tone

This should eventually be one of the more interesting parts of this site. I hope to include photos studies of various instruments, how-to articles and commentary about all aspects of the guitars I play, modifications I've done, tips and observations on tone, techniques and so on. Amplifiers will be discussed as well since they are an integral part of the electric guitar experience.

As many people may know, a bulk of my Mastermind material was recorded and performed using guitar synthesizers, so being a related topic, I may get into talking about synths at some point as well.

In recent years I have devoted myself to the art of pure electric guitar playing - just the instrument and an amp, no effects or electronics of any kind - a journey of discipline to focus my musical expression as simply and directly as possible between my mind and the listener via guitar to see how far I can take it. This doesn't mean that I've completely abandoned the possibilities that electronics can add to the musical spectrum. I have simply set them aside for a while. That could change at any given moment.

Anyway, stop back later to see what develops! I hope to make things both informative and entertaining.