Guitar Lessons:

I teach a handful of students guitar lessons, intermediate level to advanced. An ideal learning situation for someone with a basic grasp of the instrument but needing to put it all together to take it to the next level. Currently I can take on one or two more students.

I will teach you functional blues-rock scales and exercises, picking techniques, building block patterns, signature riffs, how these relate to chord patterns, and how to solo over top. From this point the student may wish to continue into diatonic scales, modes, and more adventurous fusion styles of playing. I can take you there as well.

What you will not learn from me is tapping and "stunt guitar" shredding, but rather a step-by-step melodic musical approach to the knowledge and skills needed to get you playing in a natural fluid way. I will not teach you songs note-by-note but will give you the tools you need to solo with your own voice in the classic blues rock style of the masters who still rein supreme.

No beginners please! You must at least know basic chords and note names.

Private hour long evening lessons in my central NJ home. Serious inquiries please email. Thanks.

I am considering offering online lessons of some kind. If that interests you, get in touch. Stop back from time to time for updates.