Hello there!

I knew it. I bet you were just thinking, "man what ever happened to that Bill Berends guy and when is he giving me some new music?! Last time I heard from him it was still summer!"

Sadly, this is true of course. It's been three months since I was last in touch and I still don't have anything for you. FAIL. I had hoped to have something by end of summer and an album by the end of the year, but real life intervened (read: fucked with me) and it just ain't happening. The music is there, and it's good stuff! But in those three months the car needed repairs which stretched out into a 2+ month ordeal (and still isn't finished). The roof needed repair, the sewer pipe backed up, the well pump tank failed, then the washing machine drain flooded the kitchen. Oh, and teh interwebs has been cutting out all month and Comcast can't figure it out. Aaarrgghh!! I can't take any more!!!

But rather than dwell on what wasn't and how much it sucked, let's talk about what was: November 2014 marks the 20th Anniversary of Mastermind III: Tragic Symphony, the band's third studio album. First released in Japan on Nov. 9th, 1994, Tragic Symphony was the first Mastermind album licensed and released worldwide, bringing the band to a much wider global audience. For many, this was their first introduction to Mastermind. Twenty years ago on Nov. 20th, 1994, the original trio line up presented the premier live performance of the album in its entirety at ProgScape '94 at Stephens Hall in Towson, MD to a receptive and enthusiastic audience.

To mark the occasion I put together a short video from that historic evening which you can watch here...

Mastermind III: Tragic Symphony 20th Anniversary - a home movie (narrated by Rich Berends).

Today's news: This Friday, Nov. 28th, I will be on Friday Night Progressive (FNP) as they commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Tragic Symphony and present me with an award for being awesome! Featuring a candid interview, commentary, music & chat. Tune in at 9pm EST.

Bill Berends is bestowed the Friday Night Progressive INDEPROG AWARD.
For 20 plus years of outstanding independent prog artistry.
    1. Outstanding guitarist
    2. Outstanding compositions
    3. Outstanding musicianship live
    4. Outstanding recordings as an engineer
The award is understood by your peers as a testament of good will and gesture in recognition of accomplishment above and beyond the realms of excellence.

LISTEN HERE: fridaynightprogressive.com - Fri. Nov. 28, 2014 @ 9pm EST (NYC time)
CHATROOM: fridaynightprogressive.com/?page_id=2
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/groups/fridaynightprogressive/

Kewl, eh? Of course if all y'all get on Facebook and check me out from time to time, you probably know this already! But I hope you can tune in and listen. The interview is pretty candid and touches on many facets of my musical history, Mastermind, solo work, names names and where the bodies are buried. j/k! Sort of. I think it went well and you should find it entertaining. Informative at least.

Speaking of November Anniversaries, let's get in the way-back machine for a photo of the early Berends' band TANK at the legendary Max's Kansas City in NYC, Nov. 17th, 1976 with all three Berends brothers - Bill, David, and Rich. Those were the days!

Here's a review of the show from Variety Magazine. There has been much interest in this band (and later variations) over the years, so I hope to get some recordings and media out there sooner or later. But first...

Back to work on the new stuff!! After I get the new muffler pipes on the car and through NJ inspection. It never ends.

Here's wishing all my American friends a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!! Everyone, enjoy the weekend and I will have some music news before Christmas. Take care!

Bill Berends

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