Greetings from Billville, New Jersey!

Best Thanksgiving wishes to our American friends! For everyone else.. happy Thursday!!

The Berends Brothers Band has one more gig lined up this year, this Saturday Nov. 30th at John & Peter's. Being a holiday weekend we're expecting a good turnout, so come on out! After that I need to take some time off from bar gigs. As much as I enjoy playing live, it is time to concentrate on all new (original) music. Anything is possible of course, and if some decent paying job comes along we may take it, but I have had my fill of playing cover tunes and old music. I need to clear my head for a while and what better time than the approaching winter. So, I hope to see as many of you as possible this coming Saturday at good old John & Peter's in New Hope. PA.

Does all this mean the return of Mastermind? Perhaps. Perhaps not. We shall see where the music leads us and who is willing to play along, but I have no particular interest in covering old ground. There is a sound in my head I need to get out and you could say it's a combination of all the things we've touched on over the years, plus some new elements as well. I will say that I do dearly miss... synthesizers! Anyway, the point is, I hope to see some of you this weekend and after that, we shall see what the future holds (Treasures of the Spirit is on hold also, until further notice).

Speaking of Mastermind, here are a couple of reviews of the Insomnia album I stumbled across recently that I enjoyed because they touch on something that is important to me... "this band definitely had originality at the forefront when they went about putting this thing together." Nice. Now it's time to get back in that mindset.

In the interim, while I set off in new directions, all the Mastermind back catalog material is available online for you listening pleasure. Purchase prices have been reduced for the holidays and to reflect the current sucky state of the music industry and street economy.

Many thanks to everyone who has come out to see the band(s) live this past year! Also many thanks to those who have purchased my solo album and for all the recent download purchases from the Mastermind Store. I (we) couldn't do it without you!

* Sat. Nov. 30th - The Berends Brothers Band at John & Peter's in New Hope PA. 9:30pm till closing. 21+
Facebook event: THE BERENDS BROTHERS BAND at John & Peters, Sat. Nov. 30th, 2013
Details and map links can be found on my schedule page, as usual.

I do have a birthday coming up.. December 18th, so a really great present would be to send some cash!! haha... ok, purchasing some music or CD's from the online stores would be a nice gesture. Synthesizers are expensive! ;) Thanks for your continued interest & support!! Rock on.

Wishing you safe & happy holidays!
Bill Berends

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