Greetings, friend(s)!

The weather in New Jersey is lovely for this time year. Nice to get out and about before the winter cometh. Rocktober is upon us!! And some cool Berends Brothers gigs coming this weekend and next week. This Saturday the 19th at John & Peters in New Hope PA, our favorite underground haunt - Saturday night gigs are the best at J&P, you'll enjoy getting out! ( facebook event)

Thus. Oct. 24th The Berends Brothers Band in-concert at The Rotunda in Philadelphia! It's been a while since we've played a theater show or played Philly proper, so it's about time! Put on by the U. of Penn, it's free, all ages, and early: 8pm-10pm, so we hope our philly homies can make it out! We get to stretch out a bit and maybe whip out some Mastermind tunage. Here's the venue press release and facebook event link.

Mastermind - the Angels of the Apocalypse album in its entirety is now up on youtube for your listening pleasure. Now you can stream your favorite Angels tunes anywhere with an internet connection! Or just plain check it out if you've never heard the whole album. It's good stuff. Tracks are numbered so you can easily select any tune you like. We're promoting new listings in our new & improved Nimbit online store if you're so inclined, check it out, it has a very slick interface. I expect a few less gigs this winter and spending time on new recordings for 2014. That's the plan anyway, so don't miss these coming shows.

* Sat. Oct. 19th - The Berends Brothers Band for 3 sets at John & Peter's in New Hope PA

* Thus, Oct. 24th - The Berends Brothers Band in-concert at The Rotunda (U. of Penn), Philadelphia PA

Details and map links can be found on my, as usual.

Come rock out with us, go listen online! Thanks for reading and have a safe, happy Halloween!

Bill Berends

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