Hello there, friend!

Where does the time go? I had hoped to get this out earlier in the week, but studio work has kept me busy all week, so in the better late-late-than-never dept., a quick note to tell you the Berends Brothers Band is playing this Sunday, June 9th at John & Peter's! If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done!

* THIS SUNDAY, June 9th - The Berends Brothers Band at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA - 9pm
The fabulous Berends Brothers Band rocks John & Peter's in New Hope PA, Sunday, June 9th. Our home away from home! With bassist/vocalist Tim Spillane back from the dead, we're ready to rock with a vengeance and have whipped up some new material to keep things interesting! Did somebody say War Pigs? ;) Our Sunday gig in April was a blast... don't miss this this one!

Also this month, Treasures of the Spirit takes a road trip, bringing our Mahavishnu stylings to Harrisburg PA. Do I know anybody out that way? If so, I hope you can make it to the show!

* FRIDAY, June 21st - - Treasures of the Spirit at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, Harrisburg PA - 9pm
"Treasures of the Spirit" plays the music of The Mahavishnu Orchestra - featuring Bill Berends on guitar 9pm - Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HMAC) - 268 Herr St, Harrisburg PA 17102. Hope to see you there!

As always, check my schedule page for links, maps, and more info... http://billberends.com/schedule.html

There was a guy on youtube posting videos for my solo album In My Dreams I Can Fly but his account got shut down for copyright violations.. d'oh! So I threw together a little music video to have something up there. Me goofing around for youtube, but a good video of Jason Gianni in action! Check it out.. comment, give us some thumbs up action if you please. Thanks!

In My Dreams I Can Fly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtVok4JG4CY

As I mentioned last month, I did some guitar work for an Italian electronic music artist named Jampy which you can also check out on youtube. A little of the 2012 Les Paul in action, it seems to be getting a lot of views! And no, I didn't come up with the title! No relation in "In My Dreams...", but coincidental, none the less.

Outer Imagination of Dreams: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FddqIOSYerE

Speaking of Les Pauls... after last month's J&P Les Paul shootout, the red Traditional Pro has gone back to the store. It seems not all Lesters are created equal.... some wood wants to be a guitar, other wood wants to be a table or a chair. This Sunday I'll be auditioning a beat up old black Les Paul Standard that weighs a ton! But this one seems to have some mojo, so come on out and tell me what you think.

For Mastermind fans, I've pulled the guitar synthysizer rig out of storage and have started getting that back into shape. Been a while since I've fired it up.. and it still works! That can only lead to one thing. ;)

That's it for now! Hope to see you at a gig and have some more music for you soon.

Bill Berends

In My Dreams I Can Fly available on CD Baby