February seemed like the longest month ever for some reason... bitter cold, no gigs, few rehearsals. Not playing makes me crazy and the cold doesn't help! But things are picking up in March and hopefully, Spring is right around the corner. I can't wait.

I need your help! I've entered the Eric Clapton "Play Crossroads" contest online to try and bring some attention to my new album. Not that I really expect to win a popularity contest where an 11 yr old 'bluesman' is the top entry, but it can't hurt. Please visit before March 5th...

Play the tunes, then click ADD YOUR SUPPORT if you don't mind. You can do both repeatedly and every one helps move me up the charts. There's a tune from my new solo album postsed, and for MASTERMIND fans there is a track you probably haven't heard before called "Time Stands Still". This is something Rich and I did a while ago exclusively for Lion Music's Japan Tsunami benefit album (the only place you can get this on CD). I thought more folks might enjoy hearing it, so go have a listen or twenty and add your support. Thanks!!

A couple of real nice album reviews for IMDICF have been posted online... very nice!

Virtuosity One review
"well written, well played and well produced and as such is
a very enjoyable release and comes as recommended
listening for any classic rock fan." Rating: 90%   more...

Dangerdog Music review
"Bill Berends is an expert and creative guitar player, and
In My Dreams I Can Fly is sterling and entertaining product
of his passion. Well recommended." 5.0/5.0   more...

Upcoming live shows...
* Sunday, March 3rd - Treasures of the Spirit at 7153 Lounge, Phila, PA at 4PM
* Friday, March 15 - The Berends Brothers Band at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA
* Thus, March 20 - Treasures of the Spirit at The Rotunda, Phila, PA (ALL AGES, FREE)

As always, visit for more info and links about upcoming shows.
Also, if you are on JamBase you can friend me there and find links to track upcoming gigs.

That about wraps it up for now! I hope you are doing fine and enjoy the music!!

Bill Berends

In My Dreams I Can Fly available on CD Baby