Hi there!! Happy New Year!!

I hope everybody had a nice holiday! Now it's back to work.

First up, it seems some people who participated in the Kickstarter for my new album still haven't received their disc in the mail. If this is you, please contact me at "berendsmusic@yahoo.com". I just received a Christmas card from Japan mailed a week before Christmas, so in some parts of the world the mail is pretty slow. Once we're pretty sure it's hopeless, I'll be happy to send you a replacement copy, but I'd say give it another week or so. In the USA I *think* everyone got their discs OK, but there was at least one case of it never arriving that I was made aware of.

Next up, In My Dreams I Can Fly is now available on CD Baby, Amazon.com, and iTunes. You can also order direct from my web site which is the preferred method, but if you are more comfortable using one of these other outlets, go for it! The links are also on the web site. I've also been contacting some distributors to get the disc closer to folks overseas. I will list them as they come on board.

A couple of live shows coming up this weekend...

* Friday, Jan. 11th - Treasures of the Spirit at The Northstar in Philadelphia, PA
* Saturday, Jan. 12th - The Berends Brothers Band at John & Peter's in New Hope, PA
* Wednesday, Jan. 16th - Treasures of the Spirit at Silk City in Philadelphia, PA

Brother Rich Berends is also playing Jan. 11th with Frost Giant at the Stadium sports bar in Levitown PA. For you metal heads out there, you might want to catch that! For those of you far, far away, I'll try and get some video up on youtube so you can share the experience.

As always, visit billberends.com/schedule for more info and links about upcoming shows.

That's it for now. We (the Berends Bros) have been working up some Mastermind tunes in rehearsals, so I hope at some point in the not too distant future to get some Mastermind live shows off the ground. Stay tuned!

I wish you the best for 2013! May it be the best year yet!!

Bill Berends