- In My Dreams I Can Fly

Bill Berends
In My Dreams I Can Fly

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01.  In My Dreams I Can Fly
02.  Rock-A-Rama
03.  Remember When
04.  Heavy Cream
05.  The Belvadere Bop
06.  A Quiet Place

07.  Dream Rider
08.  If Man Were Meant To Fly
09.  The Longest Winter
10.  Paper Planes
11.  Days Gone By
12.  The Long Road Home

Total playing time: 60 min's

Bill Berends: guitars, et al
Jason Gianni: drums

All music written, arranged, performed & recorded by Bill Berends
© 2012 Bill Berends and Bill Berends Music Publishing (ASCAP)

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Bill Berends interview: the album, guitars, Kickstarter, and more.

  • Virtuosity One review  "well written, well played and well
    produced... a very enjoyable release..." Rating: 90%   more...

  • Dangerdog Music review  "an expert and creative guitar
    player... sterling and entertaining product of his passion.
    Well recommended." 5.0/5.0   more...

  • Dr. Music Weekly review
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  • Music Street Journal review  "The man can really play...
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  • Exposé Online review  "there are many standouts...
    every moment of which is thoroughly enjoyable."   more...

  • My sincere thanks and gratitude to all who pledged on Kickstarter and pre-ordered this recording, without whom this release wouldn't have happened. THANK YOU ALL!!  Special thanks to: Kenny Johnston, Joe Bergler, & Norm Asher.  Also thanks to: Evan Chou, Mike Koeniger, Denis Champagne, Dale Jensen, Jeanne Quintile, Doug Curran, Canna Saukus, Torben Askholm, Rich Berends, Jason Gianni, Joe Anderson, Pálli Thor, Denise Mooney, Jerry Kranitz, Dan Donahoe, Bobby Neal, Art Dorety, Mark DeGregory, Jac Hagerhorst, Mike Muehleisen, Derek Davodowich, family, friends, and fans who have encouraged and supported my work over the years. Thank you all.

    StellarVox Records SV-1212

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    Additional credits and information:

    Bill Berends plays Gibson guitars and Marshall amps.

    BB's gear used in recording this album:
    Gibson guitars: 1968 SG Standard,
    2003 Firebird V, 2006 faded SG Special,
    2008 satin es335, 2005 Melody Maker

    Marshall JCM800 2210 100 watt tube amplifier
    JCM800 1960A 4x12" cabinet -or- 1936 2x12" cabinet
    Celestion G12T-75 speakers

    D'Addario XL strings .10-.46
    Fender heavy picks
    20' Spectraflex cable
    Shure SM 57 microphone
    No pedals were used in making this album.
    Pedals are for bicycles.

    Epiphone Viola bass w/ flatwound strings
    Precision bass w/ roundwound strings
    Roland keyboard and synthesizer (drums)

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